Meet Clayton

I coach parents and their children on how to turn around the challenges that come with a learning disability.

Clayton Southworth

Clayton Southworth is an expert when it comes to navigating the challenges that come with a learning disability.  After being born with Aphasia, it took a good 10 years of intense training by specialists before he could speak coherently.  The doctors said he was destined for a life of struggle.  The social and academic challenges from that damage were daunting and relentless...  One by one, he defied the odds and figured out ways to thrive.  Today he is a successful Husband, Father, and Business Owner.  

Clayton began sharing his story and found that a lot of others with learning disabilities could really benefit from the conventional and unconventional lessons that shaped him along the way.  With a deep understanding from walking that path, he built a coaching service and a program called “The Perception Effect” where he takes the parents and their children through an 8 step process that turns that hopeless outlook into a prosperous future.