That's right!  And this is AWESOME!

Why did I choose this one to represent the MAC TYPE?  Because I felt like it.

To better understand this, we first need to define what the difference is.

  • A PC is known for Microsoft and business applications such as power point, excel, etc.

  • A MAC is known for music, video editing software, design applications.

Which one is better?

Neither is better or worse.  They both require strong communication capabilities, they both use email applications, they both are amazing computers.  They just have different aptitudes.

So what should you do if you are a MAC type?

Fundamentally, the same things as a PC type would; learn English and math, use email, expand your communication capabilities with programs like zoom, etc.  

The difference is that we have a PC education system and PC built society.  This makes sense, just as roughly 90% of the computer market is PC based and 10% is MAC.  For many learners, the standard PC protocols work.  The PC standards work for you if you have a good relationship between effort and reward.  If you find yourself working nonstop and not enjoying the same reward as your colleagues, then that means your operating system may be better tuned for a different approach to the same subject.


If you are a MAC type, that means you are just as wonderful as PC type, however you don't learn and produce the same way.  Just as they have different ports in different locations, you have different inputs that you need to thrive.  

When you follow the rules and it does not work, try something different.  There are some cases where you just need to keep repeating something, such as a speech impediment.  There are other times where you need to just take different approaches to compliment your operating system.

There is no one answer here, it is just good to be aware that in some cases, the standard protocol might not compliment you.

I MUST REPEAT ONE IMPORTANT POINT THOUGH.  That is no excuse to not do you homework, study, etc.  It means that when you do your homework or study, to try doing so in a different way that compliments you better.

For MAC types, I also recommend taking 1 On 1 Coaching.  This is a custom service that teaches you how to turn a challenge into an opportunity.  It took me from a severe learning disability to great success.  I am sure it will help you transform your challenge!

I will leave you with this quote.

"Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity."

                                                                                                         -Albert Einstein