I am talking about computers, not necessarily about being politically correct!

This is a good thing!

90% of the market is a PC.  This is the standard.  We have a PC education system and PC based society that values the processing mechanisms of the PC type.  What this means is you follow the rules, do what society says, and get rewarded proportionally to your outputs.

This generally means that you are good at following instructions and in general, the structure works well for you.  This is fantastic because you choose what interests you, pursue it, and if you follow the instructions, you will get there in due time.  

Professionally, just do do what your teachers and bosses say!

Personally, this may not be working out for you so well.

Personally you may be following the rules.  "I am supposed to be married with kids and have a dog."Is one type of common PC.  That is great for a lot of PC's but it might not be your specific PC.  Personally, you may be suffering because you are following instructions that are not best complimenting you.  

It is not a capability question, it is a directional question.  You need to learn how to change your mind for your best outcome, which may not follow the recommended PC guidelines.  

I recommend one on one coaching if you find yourself struggling with a personal problem that, according to your friends and family, "That is nothing to complain about!"  It may be perfectly wonderful, but not great for you.  I can teach you how to change situations.  Another conventional PC protocol won't help.  Try listening to an unconventional teacher like myself, who can install a new program that decodes and re-writes the conventional suffering you may be facing in your personal life.

The PC type is good, it is just a matter of upgrading the latest and best software for your specific PC!