• Clayton Southworth

How to Connect the Heart & Brain for the Greatest Outcomes

Updated: Apr 8

This synergistic combination drives the most rewarding results! Lets dive deeper.

Do you find your mind trying to rationalize the choices in your life? Do you find your feelings overriding your intellect? Both techniques are effective for different applications, and both techniques have their downfalls.

Heart or Brain, which one is better?

So often we get caught up going one way or another. For Example,

"I pity hopeless romantics and am proud of my rational mind"

"People who lead without heart are empty."

Everything is neither true, nor not true. Both have a good point, and CAN be right pending on the situation. You should not be an emotional wreck of hopelessness without using your brain for rational thought, and you should not use your rational mind to override your hearts desires.


Combine those skills.

Here is an example

I am so upset, he just broke my heart, I can't believe we are no longer a couple!

Pretty much everyone will experience this at one point or another. Should you use your heart or your brain? This girls heart may ask for ice cream and sobbing phone calls in between romantic hallmark movies. Her heart may be a waterfall of seemingly infinite sorrow. Maybe in this sorrow she will script a rational memoir in her brain about how unlovable she is and why she should set herself up to be an old woman with many cats.

So which way is best to go?...Both are bad options for most people. Instead of taking one or another, try this template... after that initial sobbing attack.

1. Acknowledge the hearts pain.

2. Use your brain to support your hearts desires

3. Use your brain to manifest your hearts morale compass.

Here is an example with the template.

A fictional young man had his heart broken. The couple wanted to have a family, but he was not stable financially as a freelancing artist, and he was not quite yet ready to settle down. Her biological birthing clock was ticking and she left him. So first step, he acknowledged his hearts pain. Then, for the second step he used the rational mind. He realized that his heart desired a family, which meant he needed to focus on building a stable work situation that supports his artistic passions while also providing for the family he wants to grow one day. The third step is that dance between the heart and the mind as he manifests his more ideal life, which leads to the ideal relationship, etc. This is one of many examples for how to combine the two with this template.

Warning: Sounds easy in steps, but it does not happen over night, you have to take responsibility and earn it overtime and through consistent effort. Easier said than done, but it does work and is more than worth it!

"Have I worked through this problem with both my heart and my brain?"

So I challenge you, next time something hurts, or just does not make sense, ask yourself that question, then apply the template.