Your Answers Indicate that, in a distant galaxy far, far away, you are a...


I am also a rebel fighter type.  That fighting part of myself was essential for my success.  Many of the greatest figures in history were fighting rebels.  They did not give in to the status quo of their time.  These figures include Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X,  John F Kennedy, Smedley Butler, Nelson Mandela, George Washington, and many other wonderful people.

These people did not just accept the injustices of their time.  They fought and resisted the general expectations, without fear and with unrelenting strength.  Good thing they did!

Regarding a learning disability, the same applies.  Those who had the strength and courage to fight are the ones who defy their learning disability.  


Think about this fantastic opportunity you have been granted.  You have a challenge that is not fair.  Those heroes of the past also had to face challenges that were unfair.  You are learning, at a very young age, how to confront these challenges.  DO NOT STOP!  I am not saying you will be the next Gandhi, and I am not saying it is fair or does not hurt...I am saying with these skill sets, you have amazing opportunities that you don't yet understand.  

Years later, here is what I learned from my learning disability:

I am fearless as I lead from my heart.  I am strong as few can match.  I am driven with power from deep within me.  I am persistent, against the grain.  I am free to choose whether or not to follow the command of rules.  I am authentic, without fear of hiding my true self.    I have strong relationships because I can connect with people in a deep way.  I can be honest with myself and my feelings.  I hold no allegiance to things that don't make sense to me.  I am not a victim.  I am free!

I love myself as I am, and me as I am would not be possible without my learning disability.  That challenge provided amazing opportunities for me to grow in a whole new way.  Without that learning disability, I would probably have normal fears as normal people do.        

Do you see what I have done?  I suffered a hardship that caused a lot of heartache, and I found the beauty in it.  I fought and I fought, and eventually things began working out.  I teach you not just how to change your mind, but how to manifest that new mindset.  Yes, no matter how hard you have it, both are possible.  I turned myself from a victim of a disability to a very successful people, and that is how I did it!

That is why I developed The Perception Effect.  It is a two month journey that you can do from home.  I teach you in weekly lessons how to do what I did.  I did not just magically make it happen one day.  It took years of trial and adjustment.  I have deeply explored those turning points and boiled it down to 8 steps that allowed me to thrive.  I share each step with you, backed with examples and ways to do it.

Further, it is not only about fighting through.  Just like the Jedi, there are times of quiet concentration to focus on funneling your energy the right way.  I have identified processes so that you can identify the right fights to pursue.  

You can keep fighting on your own, one day you will get there.  This program is just rocket fuel that will get you there that much quicker!  

Keep kicking butt, you are going to do great!