Your Learning Disability Type Is Known As

The Rule Follower

This Is Both Good & Bad

The good news about this type is that you DO follow rules.  Education is not just designed for kids to suffer.  If you want to lay bricks for a living, you still need to fill out your tax forms and read, write, and speak with your boss and your clients.  Some of these skills are essential to our collective way of living.  We have to learn them, and the more you listen to those teachers and apply the lessons, the better off you will be.  This is a good time to be a rule follower.

The bad news about this type is when you follow the rules without exception.  Lets say the tree is the tree of speech.  Obviously the monkey and the bird are going to be the best.  The sea animals are from a different environment.  That would be like having an alien in your classroom who does not breathe air, it is not a fair competition.  If you have a speaking related learning disability, then you are an elephant or a dog.  Both of these animals can get high enough up the tree to be effective with some extra help, but they will never make it to the top of the tree without serious help.  Even then, with all the support in the world, it is not easy or fruitful.  

So what do  you do?

You need to learn how to do things differently.  The same lessons that you would teach a monkey about navigating a tree are different lessons than you would teach a dog.  We live in a monkey world, don't expect those monkey lessons to work for you.  If you are a rule follower, and you rate yourself on that scale, then you will always be a failure, because you are learning the wrong lessons.



Do something different, in tandem with the essential skills.  What that means is learn the monkey skills well enough to communicate, but after that, use your other abilities.


Think outside of the box.  What can a dog do that a monkey can't do?  A dog has a stronger sense of smell.  A dog can run faster.  Dogs have a more powerful jaw.


So if the dog learned to climb to a certain level of the tree with a little help, and then was able to smell dangers of a tree infestation, then they could bring a unique specialty to that particular tree.  With the right training, the dog could be of immense value to the whole system!

Sadly, no one is taught to think like that.  We have a more Darwinism approach of natural selection that leads to the haves and the have not's.  That is not true in this case.  In fact, that narrow focus is a detriment to humanity, because it limits the inputs.  With the narrow only one answer is right mindset, that leaves a lot of blind spots for hidden failures that are not obvious from that one perspective.  You, with your learning disability, may be able to see something differently enough to see the hidden failure that a monkey could not see from that angle.  Your challenge could be the foundation of unique skills that can be incredibly valuable.  


I was born with a learning disability.  Because I was born with one, I had to try different approaches.  I had to learn how to take risk and be fearless.  I learned that I could communicate proficiently in non verbal ways.  I learned how to outsource.  I learned how to be incredibly strong with my thoughts and actions.  I learned persistence.  All these things contributed to my success later in life.


I am passionate about this because I want others to be blessed with these unconventional lessons I learned after my school years.   That is why I developed The Perception Effect.  It is a two month journey that you can do from home.  I teach you in weekly lessons how to do what I did.  I did not just magically make it happen one day.  It took years of trial and adjustment.  I have deeply explored those turning points and boiled it down to 8 steps that allowed me to thrive.  I share each step with you, backed with examples and ways to do it.

I know how well it worked for me.  If you apply these 8 steps, then you too will learn how to calibrate your unique skills with this world in a unique way.  It is a challenge, with fantastic rewards for those who persevere.  I know you can do it because I have done it and watch others, you are next!

I will leave you with this quote;

"Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

-Albert Einstein